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Refund Policy

Lease Terms

Lease agreements with Savvy Storage are on a monthly or 28 day basis (depending on unit type). The rental period begins on the date stated in the lease agreement and renews at the end of the lease period (the ‘renewal date’).

Each periods rental is paid in advance – before or on the renewal date – using the storage unit, plot or invoice number as reference.


Cancellation of a lease must be made with no less than 14 days written notice which must be submitted by email (not by post).

Where the storer is paying using FuturePay recurring payments, and where applicable, any payments made automatically within the notice period will be refunded to the Storer (subject to terms and conditions).


Any refunds due to the tenant will be made via Bank Transfer or Card Payment. This may take an additional 3-5 working days to appear on the Storers bank/card statement due to bank processing times.