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Flexible Storage

Looking for a safe secure place to keep your belongings for a long while? Savvy Storage can help.

Life can be complicated sometimes & unpredictable, changing our path for unexpected changes. But the one thing that won’t change, no matter what challenges you’re facing, is the need for a little more space. That’s where Savvy Storage can help.

Perhaps you’re off to work abroad for a year, maybe you need to downsize your living space and need somewhere to keep your furniture for a while, or maybe you just need a place to keep the things that you don’t need every day but just can’t part with. Whatever it is, we understand and we’re here to help. With a range of flexible options, you’ll find what you need with Savvy Storage.

Short Term Storage

When you need a secure short-term storage solution, trust Savvy Storage.

Sometimes you just need a little extra space. How often do you look at some of your belongings and think about how lovely it would be if you could just stick it out of the way for a little while?

We at Savvy Storage can offer you a short-term storage solution for your personal belongings that is quick and convenient to arrange. Our safe, secure storage facilities give you access to a storage unit in a convenient location, and you can visit as often as you like.

Advantages of short term storage

Having a single, secure space to put all your personal belongings while you decorate, move house, or deal with another of life’s challenges can make a whole world of difference. It means you only have to move everything once – rather than from room to room – and you can feel confident that it’s safe and secure until you are ready to move it back. Not only will this minimise the risk of damage to your items, it is sure to reduce the pressure on you, too.

To make things even easier, we offer an optional removal service to take your personal belonging from your home to your Savvy Storage unit. Take a look at our Extra Services page for more information about this service. To find out more about our self-storage or simply for some help or advice, give us a call – we are looking forward to hearing from you.